Why Toddlers & Teenagers are The Best.


Im a toddler lady.

Sure I love the smell of a babies head as much as the next person.. but whew. give me a cutie cute little 2 year old... and I am golden.

Yes, they literally NEVER stop moving...

Yes, they probably still have sleep issues and are driving their parents crazy....

Yes, they have tantrums over everything.....


But let me just tell you what is great about toddlers.


That first, "I love you mommy"

The first random sleep talking event of your child waking up and talking about eating hamburgers & growing beards in his sleep.

When they can understand why you put them in a time out (even though they probably repeat the wrong action 2 times afterwards)

Watching them play with their friends

Seeing their imaginations grow

Seeing yourself & their daddy in their face & the way their eyes crinkle

When they ask you to hold them tight after they get hurt

and when a boo boo is miraculously healed with just one small kiss.

Willing hugs and kisses from them, just because

The baby-ish look while their sleeping, even though they are so.dang.big.

Trying to  bribe them into eating new foods

Bribing in general.. its just sort of fun.


OH.. and Have I mentioned the best part?


The part where you see their personality.

No matter how insanely annoying it is on occasion.. 

and no matter how many times you have disciplined over the same issue.


YOU. GET. TO. KNOW. THEM in a whole new way



I am one of those weirdos who LOVES my kids getting older. I love love love having teenagers, and I love having toddlers, and I literally rejoice each and every year on birthdays (not just because we survived, okay well sorta), but because I have the privilege of helping & fostering this little persons growth for this next year of life.

It excites me to think about wedding days (okay I do cry a little bit),

and it makes my heart leap to have "conversations" about God, death, people, pain & joy.


I know Im a weirdo.


But I just thought I'd throw this out there.


As a new mom 2 years ago to a SUPER fussy and really really hard baby... I literally counted down the days until he was one. His birthday party was NOT for him... it was absolutely for me. He was such a hard infant, and there were SO many reasons for it. (Ones i am super grateful we are through).

I struggled as that new mom. Wondering why I resented my baby, or why I didn't love holding him at times... or why I didn't coo and awe like all the other mommas do.

Now let me say, a lot of that was because of my battle with PTSD, and post partum depression.


But another huge part of that.. that I just had to allow myself freedom to embrace was that I am not a huge baby person... Im a huge Toddler & Teenager person. and thats. okay.


So moms. If you are a baby person... and your list of joys includes their first rolling over, their first diaper change, and their first haircut.. i am pumppppped for you.

And moms.... if your list includes things similar to the one I just wrote... I am pumpppped for you.

OH.. and moms.. if your list includes both. then GOOD on you. I want to be like you when I grow up.


I just really like to tell moms, its okay to not be a huge baby person.

and its TOTALLY okay to not be a toddler person.


Because you're doing it regardless with so much love.

You're amazing....

and I am just staying, remember moms, there are seasons.

Seasons of hating that growth spurt, or that tantrum stage, or that sleep regression.... and there are stages of LOVING those first smiles, kisses, "I love yous" and so much more.


Whatever season you are in right now... sweet momma, I pray you find grace in it, strength in it, and most importantly beauty in it.

AND if its a hard season... You know who you are ;) I pray that you realize that it is just that. A season. All seasons come to end... and then new happens, and new comes, and we start this crazy journey of motherhood in different facets and forms... All. Over. Again.


SO ... no. Toddlers & Teenagers aren't "the best" all around .

But they are the best for me, because they are the season I am in in my motherhood

Whatever SEASON you are in..

That is the BEST.

Because it's yours. Your little gift. Your hard season. Your awesome season. You sweet kiddo. Given to you as a gift.


But what is the Best. Is embracing their stage. Embracing the hardship, the pain, the love. And just knowing that each day is SUCH a gift and privilege with our littles, knowing that God chose US to be their mommies. 



This is my sweet Toddler .... Whom Im pretty obsessed with

    & this is one of my teenagers w/ said toddler. 

 & this is one of my teenagers w/ said toddler.