The Heart of us all

Not only are there opportunities for moms at The Nest, but there are organized activities for your little ones that come along, too, while you're here!

Some of our programs are intended for both moms and their children (Mommy & Me Play each Wednesday), but also for the programs that are designed to give mom a little breather while we will offer organized children's programming. This effort is intended to be specifically intentional about your children to assure that not only are they being cared for but also having moments of enrichment.

We know that mama isn't going to be able to fully relax if she is not 100% comfortable about where her children are and who they are with.  It's our desire to offer only the very best to your beautiful littles. Each child as an individual, and our Children's Programming Coordinator is trained to recognize that each child has their own specific needs and cater to them accordingly.

The Children's Area

Our Program Coordinator

Kinsey McLeod:  Children's Programming Coordinator

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Interested In Loving On our Kiddos?

In order to provide this needed service, we need people willing to help--those who have been truly gifted with children. People who aren't afraid to change a diaper, crawl around on the floor, sing a silly song over and over again, tickle toes, and all around just act a wee bit quirky--all in order to get a quick smile out of a kiddo.

We need workers who are consistent so that the children can build relationships with these people and feel comfortable coming each and every time. We need people to join us in not only making The Mother's Nest a haven for moms, but also a fun and safe place for the children they bring along with them!

If you think this might be you, we encourage you to take a moment to contact us for more information on whether this may be a good fit for you!