The Nest's Lactation Counselor

Sharon Dailey, CLC


Sharon is making herself available to when a mother needs her as much as she can. Contact to set up appointment with her.


The Mother's Nest charges a first time fee per child/mom of $50

Second visit : $40



Check given to The Nest (752 Canton Rd. Akron OH 44312)

Cash at time of first visit

 Click here to CONTACT Sharon

(330) 704-1513

PLEASE NOTE: Sharon cannot legally give lactation advice unless she personally observes and is able to assess your child nursing before addressing any issues. Please make the visit with her a priority before asking questions. After the visit has been established and she knows how your child is nursing/ any issues, she is then subsequently able to answer questions online/through emails.


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"I truly believe God sends people into your life at just the right time. A week ago, He sent me Sharon to help me get through a rough time with breastfeeding my newborn baby girl. I came home from the hospital trying so hard to exclusively breastfeed Raegan. I saw the lactation consultants at the hospital but still was not feeling confident when I came home. I was very discouraged because I was very sore and my milk hadn't came in all the way so I felt my baby wasn't getting satisfied after nursing. I called Sharon on a Saturday morning and she was at my door two hours later. As soon as she walked in my door she made me feel better. She told me my baby girl had a beautiful latch and I was doing wonderful. She sat down with my husband and myself and gave us some pointers. After she left later on that day I was having problems again and crying because I was in so much pain. She came back over the same evening and gave me some pointers to help relieve my pain. I had a very rough night a couple nights later and was crying and telling my husband I wanted to stop breastfeeding all together. I talked to Sharon and once again she gave me a pick me up and kept me going. I found out I had a infection from my c section a few days later and consulted my doctor about my cracked and sore breasts. She gave me the name of some different cream than I was using. My husband and I went out after and we could not Find the cream. After telling Sharon how the appointment went and telling her about the cream we couldn't find Sharon went out and found the cream for us and brought it to me. Sharon continues to push me along with breastfeeding and I am feeling and doing much better with the whole thing. If it wasn't for her I would have gave up a week ago. I know breastfeeding is the best for my baby and I want nothing more than to give her what's best. Sharon is a very kind hearted and loving person. I know she will be there whenever I needed her and I am so blessed that she is the one that walked through my front door. "

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