How would you describe yourself in 5 adjectives? Content, relational, helpmate, loyal, emotional

What are your hobbies?  When not wrangling or refereeing my kids, I do enjoy knitting, long baths with music, and eating desserts!

Kids - names and ages? Catalynn is our oldest and only daughter. Iain is our first son, and baby boy Evin.

Husband - what does he do and how long have you been married? I have been married to Jeff ten years. He helps lead worship at church with his amazing drum skills, but that is just one of his many talents. He's a great dad and husband who puts his family first and is an equal partner at home.

What do you do at The Nest? I serve on The Mother's Nest Board as Board Secretary. I love to help others and try to practice the "see a need, fill a need" quote from Robots.

What do you love about being a mom? I love seeing my kids grow and discover new things. It makes me so happy to see them figure something out on their own.

What is the best part of being a mom? The best part is when my kids look at me like I'm their favorite person. Even before they can say, "I love you," I know they do by the multitude of kisses and hugs I get throughout the day.

The hardest part?  The hardest part by far is trying to meet them where they are. I want to expect them to act more mature, but I am constantly reminded that they are just toddlers who are still figuring out boundaries and life in general. I lose my patience much more than I would like to admit; but at the end of the day, there are always snuggles.