My current position with The Nest is: Business Director.

My favorite place is: Akron, OH. (Nothing like home.)

Best piece of advice I've ever received is: love your neighbor as yourself. ~Jesus

I hope I always: continue to grow and always be learning and never stop chasing after my dreams.

The greatest invention in the last ten years has been: iPhone/smartphones.

If I had a super power, it would be: flight.

My biggest accomplishment was when: I became a father and got the privilege to raise my kids alongside my awesome wife!

A great leader: leads from the front and backs up what she says.

My all-time favorite book is: The Da Vinci Code series by Dan Brown in the fiction category.. I read mostly non-fiction so anything about business, leadership, and sales. I'm a Dave Ramsey fan, and I like everything by Zig Ziglar.

I'm inspired by: children, especially my own. The way they live so carefree and love without question is really inspiring. They don't get caught up in the little things of life and all the drama of the world. If we could all be more like children, I think this would would be a much better place.

The leader I admire is: Jesus. He teaches us so much about leadership. He was not self-promoting and was obedient to the Spirit. He cast vision with clarity, simplicity, and directness. He was a strategic team builder--very relational. He showed great control and authority when needed, engaged crisis head on, stayed in prayer regularly, and last but not least, He really focused on empowering others to catch the vision and the mission.