How would you describe yourself in 5 adjectives?  Creative, Logical (aren’t those opposites? Hmm.) Busy, Calm, Optimistic

What are your hobbies?  In a world where I have time to do them? Sewing and other crafts, gardening (but not weeding), reading, cooking

Kids and Names  Norah, Elliot, and Addison

Husband- what does he do?  He and I recently took on the endeavor to open our own coffee shop right down the road from The Nest in Ellet! Come visit! Artisan Coffee Shop! Here's our Facebook page!

What do you do at The Nest?  Board of Directors member, hang out with moms, and escape from my kids (who I love dearly) and I’m a doula! I love working with moms as they navigate pregnancy and birth and helping them make sense of all the information out there. I get paid to witness birth – how cool is that!?

What do you love about being a mom?  I love watching my kids play together. It’s so much fun to see them becoming friends (sometimes). I love all the funny things they do and say throughout the day. And I love the snuggles. And I love babies. I really. Love. Babies. 

What is the Best Part of Being A Mom?  Motherhood: The hardest, yet most awesome thing you can do. I'm pretty sure it's designed to make us more like Jesus as it requires constant dying to self and prayers for wisdom.

The Hardest Part?  The hardest part of being a mom changes with every stage. Right now, with a preschooler, my hardest thing is trying to teach her to think about other people. The sibling thing has been harder than I ever imagined--kids are just selfish by nature (aren't we all), and it's so hard to mediate their conflicting desires. All. Day. Long.