My current position with The Nest is: Co-leader of Tot's & Up and Interim Director

My favorite place is:  #loveakron and Lake Norman, NC is also a favorite.

Best piece of advice I've ever received is: apologize often, forgive more often.

I hope I always: live in grace, lift others up, and love those around me well.

The greatest invention in the last ten years has been: Android.

If I had a super power, it would be: knowing the future.

My biggest accomplishment was when: it's cliche, but when I became a mom. I look at my kids and swell with love and pride over who they are. I am also incredibly grateful to be on the same page with my husband in how we choose to shape their little lives.

A great leader: leads by example. They don't tell you how to do something; they show you.

My all-time favorite book is: the Bible.

I'm inspired by: the hope to mend brokenness in relationships.

The leader I admire is: Martin Luther King, Jr.