My current role with The Nest is:  Certified Lactation Consultant and Board Member.

My favorite place is: home (which includes my people and house).

Best piece of advice I've ever received is:  to think before you speak.

I hope I always: am teachable.

The greatest invention in the last ten years has been: Facetime so I can see my babies no matter where they are in the world.

If I had a super power, it would be: curing insecurity, anxiety, and loneliness.

My biggest accomplishment was when: raising my children to know and love Jesus.

A great leader is/does: care about, regard, and appreciate those they lead.

My all-time favorite book is:  the Scriptures / Bible.

I'm inspired by:  people that are happy and willing to try.

The leader I admire is: my grandmother. She faced adversity (which was most of her life) with grace and humility; always happy to help and ALWAYS sharing Jesus through word and deed.


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