Becoming Mom

The Becoming Mom program was our VERY FIRST program launched at The Mother's Nest!


This program was created to serve the new mom and help her sink into her own skin in motherhood.

Becoming Mom serves the new mom prenatal through one year post-partum.


Our society tells us that post-partum is six weeks, and then we should be back to normal, at work, or at home and completely adjusted to our new role as mothers. However, post-partum actually refers to the entire year post birth. Many experts say it takes an entire year (some longer, some shorter) for a woman to really come into her own style of mothering and to be comfortable in her own skin.


You will walk through the program with other moms who are also pregnant and will find some who are around the same time period for due date. 

We meet monthly so feel free to bring friends. We talk about all areas of prenatal and postpartum topics! Typically we will bring in a speaker such as a doula, a nurse, or even a seasoned mother to speak on sample topics like newborn care, preparing for birth, postpartum planning, sleep, and feeding.

At Becoming Mom, you will have community. One of the biggest things we have found so powerful for the new mom is a support system. We are so keen on establishing this support system along side of you. Being the other mom you can text at 5:00 am when your child is screaming her lungs out or just being the friend to sit down with to drink coffee and who knows what you are going through!


We meet once a month on Wednesday Nights 6-8 PM. Find the next meeting on our Events Page.


Do you have to be a first time mom?

 NO! We have several second- and third-time mommas in the program right now!

How do I get started?

 Contact us,  come to a becoming mom hang out, or ask to join our Facebook group specifically for this program!


"I knew my life would change after having a child, but I was not prepared for just how dramatically it would change me - physically, emotionally, mentally. I felt disconnected from friends without children because suddenly we were in totally different life stages. I was lonely and trying to navigate the strange flood of emotions I wasn't quite sure how to work out. I had this precious, tiny baby whose every move terrified me. I questioned even the most simple things, making mountains out of mole hills in my mind. 'Should she be breathing like that?!' or 'when was her last diaper, is she not getting enough milk??' Gosh, I don't miss those early days!"
"The group meets 40 minutes from where I live, but my longing for support and understanding beat out my anxieties to not go. What a blessing it has been! This group is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every single person in the group seems to ooze with love and gentleness towards one another. It feels safe and comforting and encouraging to have people answering all my naive motherly feelings with gentle, humble wisdom. No condescension, no questioning my abilities as a mom, just pure support and community."
"Pre-baby I was shy, and while I still feel that way inside, I've found that talking to other moms who know what I'm feeling is therapeutic for me. My husband is an incredible support, and he really encourages me to continue attending meetings because he sees the positive affects it has on me. It has made this journey of motherhood much more bearable. I feel equipped, but most importantly it feels good to know that I can do this alongside other momma's!"
"When you saw on Facebook that I was pregnant, you reached out and invited me to be a part of Becoming Mom and offered me support and resources. I never thought I would be the type (if there even is a type) to be a part of a mom's group, but I decided to attend a meeting out of curiosity. The sense of community and the openness and caring nature of everyone there really drew me further in. Suddenly I felt my need for the support and encouragement offered. For real community. To connect with other moms on this journey and to reassure each other that, 'you are not alone.' I have only been able to attend a few meetings so far, but I aways walk away feeling more confident as a mom. I feel empowered and cared for. I love the diversity of the group and how each of us is so different, yet somehow also the same."
"The one resource that has been of great benefit and help to me throughout pregnancy and now in motherhood is the Facebook group page. I have connected with several moms and have been free to post questions, concerns, prayer requests, and so much more. The support I receive from this group has ultimately benefited my husband and baby girl also."
"I love the heart and passion of the leadership within The Mother's Nest and the growth that I have witnessed because of it! I love the unity in the group and how welcoming everyone is, especially when a new mom is introduced." 
"The thought that is put into the various topics discussed is something I really value and appreciate. You all are so intentional and desire to meet our needs and help answer our questions and walk us through our fears. I love the concept of Saturday Specials and how you all work so hard to reach out in every way possible. I have never come across a group like this. Most of my mom friends have said the same, and they wish there was something like this around when they were first-time moms."


Mommy & Me Play!

Our Mommy & Me Play is a weekly get-together/ Play Group on Wednesdays from 10-2 (and any time in between)  with moms and kids that come and enjoy each other's families through the chaos of children playing! Its a great place for relationship, a few laughs, and even tears along the way! We desire to raise our families together, play together, laugh, and live life together! Motherhood is hard, and it isn't a secret that we keep quiet in this group!


-We talk about life, relax (can you do that with children around?), drink coffee, eat snacks, play with our own kids, and others as we enjoy doing life with one another!

-WE have tons of outings! TUNE IN to our facebook group to see this weeks meet up// hang out & where we will be!


-We hang out at 10-2PM  (and any time in between, we know naps are hard!) on Wednesdays!

How Can I Join?

If you are interested in coming to a play date, Click here to ask for more details on the place we are meeting this week!


Moms Group aka #tots&up!

Moms Group is a group of moms who gather twice a month on Monday Nights 6-8PM (children's programming included) who have children older than one year. 

FYI: If you have more than one kiddo-- or a baby.. bring them all! :)

This group meets, talks, shares snacks in a momma friendly zone, and spends some quality time with each other!

Our Children's Programming Director & our amazing Volunteers take the time to play with the kiddos, so bring them along!

We talk about topics pertaining to older children, ie. Discipline, Family Planning, "Time Outs" for Mommy, etc.

If you have children older than one year, this is the right place for you! 

Saturday Specials

Saturday Specials are our newest addition to The Mother's Nest programming!

At The Nest, we take a stance of "all inclusive" meaning, we never will single handedly say "you HAVE to do something a certain way in your parenting".

However, being that one of our legs of support for mothers is providing GREAT adequate and affordable resources, We brought in Saturday Specials to meet the different needs & desires of our moms!

Once a month, (typically the third Saturday of the month) we will host a professional in our facility teaching, equipping, and facilitating a very specific topic.