I had never had any issues with periods or anything until we got married in 2011. Shortly after we got married I started having terribly bad pains around the time of my period and time of ovulation. We ended up in the ER on two different occasions within a week. They originally thought it was an ovarian cyst that twisted my ovary and fallopian tube. Nothing came back on ultrasound so they sent me home with pain meds. The pain continued and doctors had no idea what was going on and referred us to a gynecologist. We met with her in January and started a 4 month long search for answers. We did ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI, bloodwork, multiple appointments, but nothing came back on anything. The pain got worse and I had to quit my job due to no energy and having to miss work so regularly due to pain issues. I had a 2 hour energy span for a day. Finally we had a laparotomy done in April of 2012. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. We knew nothing about this nor did anyone in my family have it diagnosed at the time(generally it's genetic). We were told that there was a lot of scar tissue and that they cleared out as much as possible. Our Gyno told us to get pregnant within the first year after surgery due to endometriosis causing issues being able to get pregnant. We waited until the scar tissue started to form(in July) to start trying for a baby. We were blessed with a very quick pregnancy and healthy baby born in May 2013. We wanted to wait a while before having another child due to my health issues while pregnant and directly after. This past winter we decided to start trying for another child. We wanted to be pregnant by Christmas 2014. We got pregnant early on but lost the baby to a miscarriage at 5 weeks in April. That was really hard on us. My HCG levels would go up but not double. It was two weeks of bloodtests before my levels finally started to drop. We were heartbroken. We wanted another child. We decided not to wait to try for another and were pregnant again in June. We lost another baby to miscarriage right around 5-6 weeks this time in July. This time was harder because we didn't understand why it happened more than once, and why it happened so close together. We were broken. It was hard to look at my healthy daughter. Our OB told us to wait a couple months before trying again. We ended up pregnant again shortly after the miscarriage and have a healthy pregnancy so far. We are 13 weeks now and have had multiple ultrasounds to make sure everything is going along great and bloodwork to check levels. We are praying over this rainbow baby every day. We were told it would be hard for me to get pregnant and here we are! The Lord will provide when and as He wants us to!