THREE Universal Needs ALL Postpartum Women Have

The first one is a companion or spokesman through pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum year. Find out why and what the other two needs are by clicking the website link in the title above.
Jane Honikman


Postpartum Doulas
Find a postpartum doula 

WE recommend working with this fabulous postpartum doula that teaches classes at The Nest. 
Read more Amy Julian site HERE.


Newborn Care




The Breastfeeding Center
2800 Lincoln Way East
Massillon, OH 44646
Betsy Studer (330) 837-0220

  -La Leche League 
(Check this website for local support group meetings and online support groups)        



Becoming a parent

looks a lot like -- falling in love.

SEE MORE on the physical, anatomical responses your brain goes through after becoming momma!


Postpartum Drug Rehab Resources